Gargoyle Bells


Gargoyle Bells are one-of-a-kind ceramic ringing ornamental amulets. Collected around the world, these unique sentinels are often hung near the doors, thresholds and windows of homes, in gardens, places of business and even in the rear-view mirrors of automobiles for protection. Like the gargoyles found on gothic cathedrals, gargoyle bells are sculpted with unusual, grotesque, funny and sometimes animal-like features in order to scare away evil. Unlike their rain water carrying cousins, these gargoyles are bells which have clapper-tongues that help them to ring. When shaken or blown by the wind, each gargoyle bell has its own unique ringing sound. Gargoyle Bells are also are used to cleanse spaces of negativity and ward off evil when rung. I can provide space cleansing rituals, dowsing uses and other information about the uses of these bells upon request.

Every Gargoyle Bell is an original work of art. They are all signed, dated, cleansed, blessed and named by the artist. No molds are used in their creation. Purchasing one of these unique protectors is investing in a one-of-a kind piece of art that has gone through an intricate process to manifest into this world.